Bonnie Maille is a one-person business owned and operated by myself, Julia. I began it a year or two after I started making chain maille in July of 2009, out of a need to do something with all the jewelry I was creating. It has evolved from there into a hobby business. Now I go to shows and festivals throughout the year, wherever I can find them.
My goal is to use my creativity and this business to support missions work. At the moment, anywhere from 50-75% of my profits are going to missions.

If you’re wondering what chain maille is, it is a form of medieval armor that often doesn’t get more than a paragraph in history books (at least the ones I pick up). It is a material consisting of interlocking rings that was historically made into shirts. However, ranged firearms evolved faster than it did, and at some point it made the jump from armor to art.

I am, and always have been, a creator. Chain maille is only one of my interests, albeit my most developed. I also sew, draw, write, make greet cards, try other types of jewelry, and diy when the mood strikes me. I have previously dabbled in selling other of my creations before chain maille usurped making greeting cards. When I’m not creating, I can be found reading (mostly fantasy); avoiding practicing guitar; and spending far to much time on the internet, looking at new projects to create.

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  1. Hi Julia,
    I am looking for a little more info about the session you are conducting at SAGE. I teach history and would be interested in doing this with my class. Is there any project that is fairly simple, not too expensive for students to make ($5 each?) that would be suitable for boys? If so, could you post a photo? Thanks.

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