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Chain Maille Everywhere!

I was wandering through the mall, and noticed a kiosk worker’s necklace. She noticed my double take, and so I was able to ask her where she got it. It turns out Dynamite is now carrying Full Persian Necklaces. Of course, I had to track down the necklace and get a picture.

IMG_0541 IMG_0540It’s a really thick Persian – almost an inch. And because it’s so loose, it collapses a bit while being worn, which I find very unique and interesting.

In Urban Planet, I found another maille necklace – this one was Japanese 4 in 1. It wasn’t quite as recognizable as chain maille. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it.

And the other day I was in the mall again, and I noticed this poster at Sunglasses Hut:IMG_0544Sorry for the bad reflection, but it was on the other side of glass. This necklace is European 4 in 1.

Further research on Dynamite’s website found a couple more chain maille necklaces:
More European 4 in 1:Dynamite Chain Maille (2)And a fake European 4 in 1:
Dynamite Chain Maille (1)

I find it interesting that Chain Maille is making such an entrance into the mass produced world. However, it still can’t hold a candle to buying handcrafted jewelry – being able to say you’ve met the artist, getting jewelry resized or personally designed for you, knowing who to send your jewelry to for repairs when you inevitably wear it out – all that makes culminates in personal jewelry, as opposed to buying one of a run of a million.
And if that’s not personal enough for you yet, make it yourself! The internet is full of helpful advice, and I love hosting workshops and classes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Chain Maille is gaining momentum – stay ahead of the trend.

Made this week…

Or last week, more accurately. Well, from Sept 13-19, most accurately. Quite a lot of it is my new rings.IMG_0366Somehow it doesn’t look like quite so much spread out though.IMG_0369The Glow in the Dark scales are pretty impressive. In the dark, a package of them is almost as bright as a laptop LED, and just as annoying when you’re trying to sleep. All these scales are plastic, and pretty cool.IMG_0370A new design of scale bracelet. The gold one is my favorite.  IMG_0373Older scale designs, and rubber bracelets. Coloured rubber rings are an interesting new addition. I’d tried the orange and white ones before and didn’t care for them, but the whole rainbow isn’t bad.  IMG_0372Miscellaneous necklaces and bracelets. The black keys were being sold as stickers, but they turned out to be charms with a bit of rubber glue on the back of them, and much better for jewelry than scrap-booking, or whatever. IMG_0371These earrings and pendants are a new idea, inspired by who-knows-what, but I happened to have the supplies.  And I apologize for the quality of the photos. I guess basement bedroom lighting isn’t the best for photography.IMG_0374

A Large Amount of Rings

One of my favorite parts of having a business is that I can go crazy when I buy jewelry supplies. Whether I’m shopping online or in physical stores, it’s so much easier to justify buying stuff that’s going to pay for itself (at some point). Orders from The Ring Lord always end up really massive, even when (like this time) I forget to buy half the things I actually need.

When it’s spread over a table like this it doesn’t look like that much, but believe me, it is. I can’t fit nearly all of it in my containers any more, which I guess means I need to make a lot of jewelry.

IMG_0212I finally bought The Ring Lord’s plastic scales, which are one of their newest innovations. I love being able to see how the rings connect through the scales – the clear scales are especially interesting. They’re super light as well, and make a really neat noise that’s different from the metal scales. IMG_0283 IMG_0284IMG_0282
I also bought glow in the dark scales, but I haven’t started on anything with them yet. I just can’t decide what the best use for them is.

This last bracelet reminds me of the clockwork droids from Doctor Who. IMG_0318
Very brassy and somewhat steampunk. For that reason it’s my favorite, although with my lack of jewelry wearing it would never make it onto my wrist.

Only 44 more days till Comic Con, and so much to make.

Many Things

Thing #1
I have been absent from this website for a very long time, unfortunately, and I have decided that it is time for a change. I’m hoping to make this website a much more interesting place to be, including new and better pictures, more jewelry designs, and lots more posts about the random interesting things that come with owning and operating a business.

Thing #2
I am going to Comic Con! It’s the one in Winnipeg, so it isn’t the hugest, but it will be the first Comic Con I’ve ever been to, and the largest event that I’ve had a table at. And I’m super excited for it! It’s pretty cool that I got a table at all: I had called to see if they had any tables left, and at a month and a half away, I was told they didn’t. But they’d put me on a waiting list. THAT SAME DAY I came back from the city to find an email telling me they had a table for me.

Thing #3
Next weekend, September 13th, I will be at the Morris MCC Auction. For those of you who don’t know, MCC stands for Mennonite Central Committee, and is a relief/humanitarian aid organization run by Anabaptist churches. All the money I make will go straight to MCC.
The Morris Auction (apparently) hasn’t been doing that great these past few years, so they’re trying to bring in a few different things to attract people, including storytellers and buskers (one of which is my little brother) and well, me, and other interesting things like that.

Thing #4
I’m moving! It’s a huge change for me, from small town to city life, as well as in many other ways. I’m excited for it, but really nervous too.

Thing #5
Do I have a thing #5? That’s probably it for now, although I should mention I got a really epic birthday present from my Uncle and Aunt that I will post pictures of, as soon as I get some pictures. My mom had mentioned to them that I was looking to update my jewelry display, so they HAND-MADE me some really nice necklace busts.

Manikin Pictures

Sorry I haven’t posted since February. I am actually shocked by how long it’s been. I have been distracted by good things, though. I had a few more interesting projects going. Here are some pictures of my maille-clad manikin to try and make it up.

Broken arm

I did not do it on purpose! His arm fell off when I was moving him. He’s very limited in his movements and tends not to bend well. His arms keep falling off, I have lost count how many times they have already. Once one falls off, the other screw is well on its way out, and will fall out within a few days.

Flowers for...

Actually, I don’t know who they’re for. They might not even be a gift, for all I know.


His pose reminds me of one of my friends. She has perfected the art of looking ‘innocent’.

For now, he is referred to as M. I have some names in mind, but first I need to see how well they suit him.

Chain Maille Shirt Completed

Sorry I haven’t posted at all lately. I finished my pop-can tab shirt almost a month ago already, and I only took pictures tonight. The pictures aren’t great, because my camera wasn’t cooperating, but here they are:

I brought the shirt to school, and showed it off to several classes. It was a lot of fun, especially because I got to show off. Eventually I will add sleeves, and someday I might try making a purse.

Pop-can tab maille

Somewhere I saw a picture of a pop-can tab bracelet, and I decided that it would be a neat idea to make a chain maille shirt out of pop-can tabs. Quite a few people are helping me collect tabs. So far I have a piece that is 10 x 20 inches. That’s about 600 pop-can tabs. I don’t know when it will be finished, as I am spending most of my time working on jewelry for my first craft sale, but when it is I’ll be sure to put up pictures.

Maille made with ordinary pop-can tabs