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Comic Con is in less than a week!

Between having a life/job, working on a fun but time consuming commission, and my tendency to spend far to much time on the internet (curse you fandom part of pintrest), Comic Con has snuck up on me and I am not feeling prepared!
Back at the Comic and Toy Expo in September my mom and I brainstormed a whole list of ideas I was interested in pursuing. And now Comic Con is in four days, and I can finally check a few of these off.
IMG_1812So this year I’ll be presenting a few more geeky items than I had last year.

Presenting, the Owl Avengers:IMG_1808Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America.  IMG_1810Thor (complete with cape), Hulk, Black Widow.
I’d been thinking of doing these on and off since last year when I made an Iron Man owl, but I didn’t have the rings. I finally bought the sizes I need, and built them all. Some turned out better than others – particularly Iron Man and The Hulk, but I also do like Captain America.
My seven-year-old cousin keeps playing with them and is clamoring for me to make an Ultron. If I ever get the time…I’ve also toyed with the idea of making Loki, but I just don’t think I could pull off the horned helmet and all that.

I’ve also got back to an idea I played with years ago: IMG_1803These are both painful and fun to make. The rings are tiny and annoying to work with, but the end result is so good it’s mostly worth the bother.IMG_1807I’ll have at least three of these at Comic Con, maybe more depending on how much I can get done, but with the way my current ‘to build’ list looks, that might be a bit of a stretch.

Anyways, all this to say come to Comic Con!
October 30      2-9pm
October 31      9am-7pm  November 1   10am-5pm
RBC Convention Center, 375 York, Winnipeg

I’ll be in Artist Alley, in the aisle closest to the hallway. I’m pumped for the costumes, talking to Con-goers and Vendors, and seeing all the amazing geekery that shows up at these things. Hope to see you there!

Big(ger) Ideas

Ever since Comic Con ended, I’ve continually been coming across things that inspire me to create on a slightly larger scale than jewelry. Sitting across from a gorgeous leather work booth (at the Con) was definetly the start of my inspiration.

This pieces is going to be made almost entirely of scale maille, and will have leather lacings holding it together, making it way easier to get on and off than my current piece is. IMG_0760
This one is very similar to my finished scale piece, only one sided. It will be scale maille on the shoulder, and european 4 in 1 for the strap. Those three large circles will be the clasp that closes it up. IMG_0761
In the past I’ve made a chain maille tie, and I thought it was time to expand to included bow ties as well. IMG_0762However, it isn’t going so well. It’s slightly floppy, and wouldn’t look at all like a bow tie while being worn. IMG_0758The center knot is also a bit too long, so I’m guessing I’ll fix that, put a chain on this one and turn it into a necklace. Then I’ll start over using a slightly thicker ring combination that will help it keep its shape a lot better. IMG_0759
I came across some diy website where they showed how to make epaulettes to pin onto shirts. I thought it was such a cool idea, and saved the link, but since then the blog has been taken down.
Anyway, I’m thinking of a scale diamond that rests on the top of the shoulder, with chains coming over the top of the arm, but I’ve had a second idea as well. IMG_0763Unfinished edges of scale maille hang loosely, so I’m going to try leaving the edges unfinished and hanging like a fringe. I think I’m going to have to try quite a few variations on this one before I get something I like.  IMG_0777
Last idea – I’ve been seeing body chains around on the web, so I thought I’d experiment a little bit.
IMG_0764 I’m not entirely sold how it turned out, though it was interesting to try. But the fact that I don’t end up connecting with people who are into this sort of thing will halt my experiments for the next while – at least, until someone who’s interested gets in touch with me. IMG_0772I’m not sure how long it’s going to take before all of these become reality, especially the first two, as they’ll both require quite a bit of supplies, which I don’t have at the moment. But this is what I’m considering for the future, for now at least.

Bow Inlay

I started this inlay at least a year ago, maybe closer to two, and I finally finished it a few months ago. I ended up dropping it in pursuit of more interesting projects, so it lies dejected in a box now, awaiting the day when I put a rod through the top of it so it can hang on a wall. IMG_3414

Despite their seeming monotony, inlays are a lot of fun to make. They’re just mostly useless, because by the time I’m done making them, I don’t feel like making another times as much maille to turn it into a shirt or something.

Scale Shrug

I’ve had this idea for a really long time, ever since I got a commission to make a scale sheet for someone. Anyway, I finally finished it the beginning of November. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to get some nice pictures of it. And I don’t know what to call it, so if you have a better idea.

Mantle_edit_1Mantle_edit_2Mantle_edit_5I love playing with ideas like this, so if there’s something you want made, or even an idea you’d like to share, please let me know.

Something similar to this would cost $250 and upwards, depending on the size and sleeve length and all that.


If you’ve ever thought that modern chain maille was only for girls, you’re completely wrong:



Although I have to admit, chain maille ties look really good on girls as well.

Ties start at $75, depending on the size and customizations specified. I can make them in any size, and in almost any colour and design.

European 4 in 1 Glove

Probably one of the coolest, most wearable things I’ve made. It’s comfortable, flexible, not awkward to wear (even for washing your hands) and it looks cool without being overbearing. If I was a little punkier, I’d wear one all the time.

As it’s made with rubber rings, it stretches, but half the rings will always be black. The metal rings can be any colour.


Dragon Inlay

I started making this on January first, but I hardly started before I went to bed. Next day I got a little obsessed. Half way through, I realized that this is, by the chinese calender, the year of the dragon. So Happy New Year to all.

Start Date: January 1, 10:00 PM-ish
Completion Date: January 2, 10:00 PM-ish
Ring Count: 1570 rings
Ring Size: 18ga, 3/16″ inner diameter
Size: 5.25″ x 8″
Material: Aluminum
# of Colours: 7
Original Image: [link]

Bug Inlay

I can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier, I seriously thought I had. But anyway:

Introducing Adam Huber’s Bug as seen in Bug Comic ( I was introduced to this weekday entertainment by my loveliest of friends, to whom this inlay is in part dedicated to.
I was originally going to make a small inlay just to figure out how to. I though 25 x 40 pixels would be fairly small. It isn’t. But I continued on, and I quite like the result.
Rings: 4160
Ring Size: 20ga, 1/8″ inner diameter
Total Size: 4.5″ x 9.75″
Material: Aluminum