Chain Maille Clock

I made a chain maille clock! I’d be wanting to do this for ages, ever since my camp did clocks as their craft last summer, and were selling the excess clock movements when the summer ended. And this is the first one I’ve used:IMG_1191IMG_1194The outside frame is just a deep picture frame. I built a wooden frame that fits inside of it, and nailed the chain maille across it – after I had added the movement, of course. The edges of the mail are sandwiched between the two frames.IMG_1195IMG_1193It ended up looking basically how I had envisioned it – however, it isn’t perfect. The movement box tilts backwards, causing the hands to get stuck on the top edge of the clock. IMG_1192
I really like the way it looks, but it doesn’t  run as nicely as I could have hoped. However, in building it, I’ve had some inspiration to try out a few more styles of maille clock, and from what I’ve learn from this one, I expect them to be more successful.

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