Comic Con is coming up!

Earlier this week I attended a pre-Con meeting, and the Con’s website countdown is telling me the same thing: Comic Con is almost here! It’s slightly terrifying to only have two weeks left to get everything ready, but hopefully I’ll get everything done on time. Here’s a few new pieces that I’ll have out:
IMG_0546Lock and Key bracelet: I’m really excited with this bracelet. The key is part of the clasp.IMG_0563 IMG_0566A Full Persian Sheet bracelet in a chessboard pattern.IMG_0560And last but not least: a subtler version of Tom Baker’s Scarf from Doctor WhoIMG_0558Comic Con website is here. Schedules here, and ticket prices here. And of course, guests. The only ones I really know are the dwarfs from The Hobbit.
I’ve also been working on display pieces for my table. I built the stands the other weekend when I went home to my parents place. My new favorite tool is the dremel set into a table. Those things are nice!B&A - Bracelet Stands B&A - CratesDates are:
Friday, Oct 31 – 2-9 PM
Saturday, Nov 1 – 9 AM – 9 PM
Sunday, Nov 2 – 10 AM – 6 PM

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