Current Jewelry
These are the designs I come back to again and again. If you see me at a show or fair, I’ll probably have most of this jewelry, unless I’m sold out by the time you get there. I’ll try to keep these posts up to date with pictures and pricing.

IMG_0997IMG_0473Cross LargeIMG_0499IMG_0991IMG_0741IMG_0701IMG_0685IMG_0724IMG_0558IMG_0730IMG_0422IMG_0483IMG_0440IMG_0994IMG_0235mobius_heart_earringsIMG_1184IMG_0475IMG_0750Scale NecklaceIMG_9457IMG_0754IMG_0736IMG_1000IMG_6646

‘Old’ Jewelry
Designs I’m not currently using, but will gladly make again for commissions. I don’t plan to add to or update these posts.

IMG_8106 IMG_8221 Samantha Scale Earrings
IMG_8230 IMG_8179 IMG_8228
IMG_8240 Helm Chain earrings Blue Chain Chocker small
Half Persian pair
027-Euro 4 in 1 ball_sm Icicle Necklace Japanese 2 in 2 - two ring sizes

Non Jewelry Item
Not all chain maille is jewelry.

IMG_2131 IMG_9292-1 IMG_8945


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