Japanese 5 in 1 ball

These spiky balls make beautiful earrings or pendants. Like all chain maille, there’s more it them than can be experienced visually. These balls are really cool in a structural way as well. In theory these rings are exactly the right size that the spheres will keep their shape by themselves. However, in real life, they don’t.IMG_0489The variations between different rings in the thickness of the wire, or more accurately, the variations between the ratio between the wire thickness and inner diameter of the rings makes some of the spheres so stiff and tight that they can hardly be finished, and some so loose rings need to be added to the inside to keep them spherical. IMG_0361The squishy ones are so much fun to play with and the stiff ones are such a neat, almost archtecieral, structere, its hard to decide which is cooler. IMG_0490Earrings are $22, and pendants $11.

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