Lies and Lines

The Ultimate Craft Show is just at the end of this week, and I realize that I’ve been lying to myself. Somehow it seemed like it was so far off, and I thought I had lots of time. So much so that I worked on other projects and killed time instead of focusing on chain maille.  Because of that certain projects that I was hoping to debut at this show won’t exist for a while yet. And now there are only 5 evenings left, and I’m pretty sure two of them are already booked full.
Now I need to buckle down and work, and hopefully not panic.

On another note, at my last show, my mom and I were talking about booth design and ways to set up to be more appealing. And we/she had the ‘revolutionary’ idea to sort jewelry by colour/style/what would be worn together.
And I’m sure you’re laughing at me now, but as a creator (and someone who’s somewhat fashion challenged when it comes to myself), it’s not the natural sorting model. I’m using to sorting by weaves – how the piece is put together. And I’m not sure why I stuck by that for so long, because sorting by types of metal would also make sense. But there you have it.IMG_1234My jewelry sorted into a progression of designs: from steampunk to natural metals, silver coloured jewelry, to fun and trendy pieces, ending off with geek jewelry (Hogwarts House colour bracelets and a Tardis inlay bracelet). You can expect my booth to look very different this next show.

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