Pendant/Pocket Watches

The idea for these timepieces came after my watch (copper) had been riding around in my purse long enough for the back not to close properly any more. I still liked it and decided pocket watch so I put a chain on it, as well as a chain across the back to keep it closed. At that point I didn’t have the right size of rings, and when I got them, somehow the design ended up being perfect for a necklace. I’m not sure exactly how I figured it out, but it can be worn as a necklace or on a belt loop using a slipknot (I think that’s the right term). Now I just need a battery.

The copper necklace is not for sale, as the watch is broken, but the blue aluminum necklace is for sale at $40. The watch is from Ardenes, but bought as good as new at an MCC Thrift Shop. It hangs upside-down on the chain, to make it easier to read the time while wearing it. I will be making more pocket watches as I get faces, and will post pictures as I do.

If you are interested in custom ordering one, the price depends on the type of chain, the type of decoration on either side of the watch, and where I get the watch from. If you want to provide your own face, I will gladly work with that.

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