Remaking a Dollarama Watch

A while back I was in Dollarama, and noticed that they had watches. Normally I like to get my watches from the Winkler Thrift Store, as they have an amazing selection, but as I hadn’t been there for a very long time, and I wanted to do a watch again, I picked this one up.  IMG_1069 Now, this watch isn’t quite as fancy as it looks: the two smaller buttons don’t have any function besides decorative, but as it’s a very large watch, it’s purpose is mainly decorative.
I took off the brown strap, and as I didn’t like the colour or texture, decided not to reuse any of it. I did take off the buckle though, to use for my own strap. IMG_1086I wanted a chain maille band with leather ends for stiffness. The large rings are made of aluminum, and the small are stainless steel, for strength.  IMG_1091I used a waterproof glue to make the buckle end of the strap, as well as stitching through the folds, and it seemed to work very well. IMG_1089I upcycled part of an old thrift shop briefcase to make the leather parts of the strap. According to the label, it’s real leather. And the colour is so much better than the old strap. IMG_1090
I have skinny wrists, so I had to push up the watch in order for it not to slide around my arm. But you can see how big the watch actually is. IMG_1096And a last comparison shot of the two bands. ThIMG_1093The watch will join my display on Sunday, and hopefully will find a new home soon, or I will be very tempted to shorten the strap and keep it for myself.  It will run for $25.

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