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Japanese 12 in 2 Hexagon Necklace

Japanese weaves feature grids of rings that are perpendicular to each other. This necklace features on of the most basic weaves – a honeycomb pattern where six small rings go through each large ring, or when doubled, twelve rings go through two. A hexagon of this weave hangs from a triple stranded chain.

IMG_0241 IMG_0235It’s a striking necklace, and can be made in any colour. The hexagon can be taken off the chain, so that the two pieces can be worn separately. IMG_0240IMG_0234The matte colours shown are limited – that style of rings has been discontinued, and as of this moment, I have only a few matte necklaces left.


Pendant/Pocket Watches

The idea for these timepieces came after my watch (copper) had been riding around in my purse long enough for the back not to close properly any more. I still liked it and decided pocket watch so I put a chain on it, as well as a chain across the back to keep it closed. At that point I didn’t have the right size of rings, and when I got them, somehow the design ended up being perfect for a necklace. I’m not sure exactly how I figured it out, but it can be worn as a necklace or on a belt loop using a slipknot (I think that’s the right term). Now I just need a battery.

The copper necklace is not for sale, as the watch is broken, but the blue aluminum necklace is for sale at $40. The watch is from Ardenes, but bought as good as new at an MCC Thrift Shop. It hangs upside-down on the chain, to make it easier to read the time while wearing it. I will be making more pocket watches as I get faces, and will post pictures as I do.

If you are interested in custom ordering one, the price depends on the type of chain, the type of decoration on either side of the watch, and where I get the watch from. If you want to provide your own face, I will gladly work with that.

4 Winds

4 Winds is another design that I tried once, and then abandoned. This is probably because it’s one of the weaves I don’t actually understand. While I can make it, I don’t comprehend how the rings hold each other in place, and therefore have a much harder time trying to make it do what I want. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand something to appreciate it.  IMG_1054IMG_1056


Byzantine is a favorite weave of mine. It is beautiful as a chain on its own, and has many variations and is used in the construction of many different items. It is one of the maille pieces that I wear most often. IMG_0473 IMG_0467The two sizes of Byzantine shown are made with 3/16″ and 9/64″ rings, and are my standard sizes that I stock. (The numbers refer to the inner diameter of the rings – the size guide that most mailler’s use.) The larger chain is roughly 5/16″ square, and the  smaller is 3/16″ square.  IMG_0460IMG_0469Necklaces start at $38 for the 3/16″ and $60 for the 9/64″ chain.