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Comic and Toy Expo Followup

Every time I do a craft show, I re-remember why I love the business part of this hobby – it’s just so much fun. I love talking to vendors and customers, and building a bit of a connection with them.
This show in particular is so much fun, because it’s a geek community. And if you share a common interest with whoever you’re talking to, it’s almost like a shortcut to a deeper level of connection. Now rather than talking about the weather, you can talk about story lines and plot devices, which shows are worth watching, and which actor is your favorite Doctor. And as I don’t have many friends who are into the same shows as me, it’s cool to meet people who are into Doctor Who, Sherlock, Anime and things like that.

Anyways, the show itself seemed a bit slow – the Viscount Gort was doing some construction on their parking lots, which may have scared some people off. The show wasn’t a loss, but it wasn’t amazing either. However, someone commissioned a piece that will require me to make a Ring Lord order, so I’m pretty excited to do some online shopping this week.

I ended up trading some jewelry for art with Kemik LyIMG_1793IMG_1792She going to be at Comic Con in October, and plans to have the rest of the Avengers then.

Another person to look out for is Brenda of Stellar Evolution Designs. I didn’t catch whether she’ll be at Comic Con or not, but she has some pretty cool stuff, including plush weaponry.

The Comic and Toy Expo was a lot of fun, and Comic Con is going to be even better! I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of the same people again, and hope to have some new geeky designs ready!