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A Display Rack

So you may have noticed the past couple of pictures of my display that I have a display rack now.
Back in October when I was preparing for Comic Con, I decided I really needed a rack to display my chain maille shirt, shoulder pieces, and inlays on.
As I’m used to DIYing everything, I sketched a bit, and this is what I came up with:
IMG_1305Then I went shopping, and found out that in order to build that, I’d have to use either copper or iron pipe, both of which are very expensive. Then the very helpful older gentleman at Home Depot showed me the aluminum grounding cable. So between that and me foisting this project upon my dad, this is what I ended up with: IMG_1294It’s not exactly how I had envisioned it, but working with different (and more cost effective) materials meant some changes had to be made.
IMG_1296   IMG_1297
Between working in different locations, not all of it got painted the first time through, so hopefully at some point the rest of it will receive a coat of flat black paint as well.
IMG_1304It’s a little large, and occasionally difficult to fit into the back of a vehicle, but other than that, I quite like it. And it makes displaying my non-jewelry pieces so much easier. IMG_1299Of course, once this was all over, I found out that IKEA sells clothing racks $15. But I’m not sure they’d stand up to the abuse of multiple pounds of metal hanging on them, and being dragged from show to show. And I think this one will.


A week ago I got to go to the Home Ec. division of SAGE (the Special Area Groups of Educators). Unfortunetly, my website wasn’t working at that time, so I couldn’t update you about it at the time. But now that it is working…

SAGE is a teachers’ professional development conference, and I presented a workshop on teaching chain maille in the classroom, as well as had a display there. I think it went really well, even though I didn’t get nearly as many participants in my workshop as I had hoped for. I think, though, that I’ll be getting at least one more workshop booking through this.

SAGE was a huge opportunity for me, and I’m really excited that I got to participate in it.The event itself was a lot of fun, and I really hope I can go back next year.