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Made this week…

Or last week, more accurately. Well, from Sept 13-19, most accurately. Quite a lot of it is my new rings.IMG_0366Somehow it doesn’t look like quite so much spread out though.IMG_0369The Glow in the Dark scales are pretty impressive. In the dark, a package of them is almost as bright as a laptop LED, and just as annoying when you’re trying to sleep. All these scales are plastic, and pretty cool.IMG_0370A new design of scale bracelet. The gold one is my favorite.  IMG_0373Older scale designs, and rubber bracelets. Coloured rubber rings are an interesting new addition. I’d tried the orange and white ones before and didn’t care for them, but the whole rainbow isn’t bad.  IMG_0372Miscellaneous necklaces and bracelets. The black keys were being sold as stickers, but they turned out to be charms with a bit of rubber glue on the back of them, and much better for jewelry than scrap-booking, or whatever. IMG_0371These earrings and pendants are a new idea, inspired by who-knows-what, but I happened to have the supplies.  And I apologize for the quality of the photos. I guess basement bedroom lighting isn’t the best for photography.IMG_0374

Scale Necklace

I saw a similar necklace somewhere a while ago and had to make my own. It’s a really neat design that reminds me of feathers. While I probably wouldn’t wear it, as I prefer more conservative jewelry, I really like the look of it and wish I could pull off wearing it.The earrings came a little later. They are just a section of the same chain as the necklace. The scales and the rings are both aluminum. The large rings are available the same colour as the scales, or different (as shown).

Necklace             $25

Earrings              $10

Set                     $30.00