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Doctor Who Inspired

It has come to my attention that I never formally posted any pictures of my Doctor Who inspired jewelry. So here it is, in all its glory: IMG_1228IMG_1236For those of you who don’t know what Doctor Who is, it’s a British Science Fiction tv show, about a humanoid alien with two hearts (known as the Doctor), who gallivants through space with one or more companions, saving things and experiencing the wonder of the universe(s). And they travel in a spaceship called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) disguised (due to a malfunction of the chameleon circuit) as a blue police box. It is impossible to explain how amazing it is, or even what it is, without sounding crazy. IMG_1229 IMG_1240Anyway, the larger bracelet says ‘I (double) heart the TARDIS’ It is approximately two inches wide, and seven and a half inches long. Which is, unfortunately, too big for me to wear comfortably. The other bracelet is a representation of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. It’s a far more practical way to show your love of Doctor Who than the original scarf – my sister knit a full size scarf, and it’s a lot of yarn to hang around your neck. IMG_1231 IMG_1242I really enjoyed doing geek stuff, and Doctor Who is something I’m really into (even though I’ve only seen the new stuff), which made it even better, but I’d love to make more geek related stuff in the future, hopefully in time for Comic Con.
Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing more geek jewelry, have ideas for me, or just want to fangirl about Doctor Who with me, drop me a line!

footnote: I realize that I really suck at posting the prices of my jewelry, so here it is: the TARDIS inlay bracelet is $76, and scarf bracelets start at $18.

Bow Inlay

I started this inlay at least a year ago, maybe closer to two, and I finally finished it a few months ago. I ended up dropping it in pursuit of more interesting projects, so it lies dejected in a box now, awaiting the day when I put a rod through the top of it so it can hang on a wall. IMG_3414

Despite their seeming monotony, inlays are a lot of fun to make. They’re just mostly useless, because by the time I’m done making them, I don’t feel like making another times as much maille to turn it into a shirt or something.

Bug Inlay

I can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier, I seriously thought I had. But anyway:

Introducing Adam Huber’s Bug as seen in Bug Comic (www.bugcomic.com). I was introduced to this weekday entertainment by my loveliest of friends, to whom this inlay is in part dedicated to.
I was originally going to make a small inlay just to figure out how to. I though 25 x 40 pixels would be fairly small. It isn’t. But I continued on, and I quite like the result.
Rings: 4160
Ring Size: 20ga, 1/8″ inner diameter
Total Size: 4.5″ x 9.75″
Material: Aluminum

European 4 in 1 Bag

This was one of the longer projects I worked on a while ago. It is a small European 4 in 1 bag made of aluminum. The inlay is the Chinese character for ‘inferior’. It’s a weird design to choose, but I like the look of it. I still need to find a use for it.

This particular bag is $100. The price all depends on the bag size, ring size and type of inlay.