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Comic and Toy Expo

C4, the company that puts on Comic Con, is hosting a Comic and Toy Expo in just over a week, and I will be in attendance, displaying my jewelry. I’m quite excited for it, especially as it will be a good precursor to Comic Con at the end of October.

Where: Viscount Gort, 1670 Portage Ave (Winnipeg).
Date: Sunday, Sept 20.
Time: 10-5.Cost: $5 (age 5 and under free).

There should be lots of cool stuff there, and the Expo in February had at least a dozen cosplayers there as well. Hope to see you out there!

The Ultimate Craft Show is Tomorrow!

And this is the first time I’ve been to a show where you need to set up the day before. Although it’s a little annoying to do that extra drive out, I have to say, it’s very relaxing to take time setting up. Not to mention wandering around and making friends with the neighbors. I’m getting excited for tomorrow!

I did have a surprise though, when I showed up. I had booked a 5’x10′ and planned for it, not realizing that it was 5′ wide, and 10′ deep! It took a bit of restructuring, but eventually I got something figured out. IMG_1270 IMG_1271The lighting isn’t the greatest, although I’m still far better off than some.  IMG_1272 IMG_1273I’ve added a bulletin board to my display, at least for this time. But at the moment, my bedroom wall looks rather empty.  IMG_1276I can’t wait till tomorrow, and hope to see you there! Come swing by, and don’t forget to enter my contest!

Location: Assiniboia Downs
Date: April 11&12Time: 10-5 (sat), 11-5 (sun)

what makes Comic Con special… part 2

I’ve been a big fan of trades between artists/vendors ever since a women selling scroll-work goods made the suggestion to me. It’s a way for artists to get something new using their skills, which seems so much cooler than paying for it in the conventional way. And I picked up a lot of pieces at Comic Con.
The reason you aren’t getting picture of my art wall is because I’ve only found frames for half the pieces so far.
This Portal print was sitting exactly where I could see it an aisle across. And it was calling to me. Never mind that I’ve never played Portal (although I do listen to the soundtrack). But now I am going to have to.IMG_0649Another piece from the same artist. Unfortunately I did a really bad job of keeping track of who I got each picture from, so I can’t even link to half the artists.  IMG_0657 This steampunk picture is made from old photographs, most of which come from Winnipeg. You can find more of Kevin Fawley’s work here IMG_0651 I love the colour on this one. I didn’t see the child hiding in this woman’s skirt until the third or fourth time I looked at the picture.IMG_0652  The glass makes this one look a lot softer than it actually is – the colours are far less muted in real life.IMG_0656  I was specifically looking for art that wasn’t comic-booky, and I though I succeeded with pretty much every piece I bought, this one is the furthest from a comic book that I found.  More of Sam Secter here.IMG_0648As well as my plethora of prints, I also picked up a mocking-jay pin. While I’m not the most die-hard Hunger Games Fan, I do love things that come straight from a movie, as opposed to inspired by items.  IMG_0655As much as I love trades, and wish I could do more of them, I can’t imagine what life would be like if we went back to the barter system.

what makes Comic Con special…

I’m not sure exactly what caused me to fall off the grid after Comic Con… I guess when you’ve been focusing all your efforts on one event, it creates a black hole after it is over. Because I still have such a huge stock left over from the Con, I’m not exactly sure what to be focusing on (more on that in my next post). Hopefully I’m back now.
But for now, I want to talk about what makes Comic Con special and so different from all my normal craft shows.
The biggest thing is the people. A good chunk of them are in costume, so there’s the fun of trying to figure out who everyone is. Not to mention a good chunk of them have built their own costumes – which is amazing to see. The lighting wasn’t great in Artist Alley, which is where my booth was, and where I took most of my pictures. Here are a few of the vast collection of amazing costumes I saw over the weekend:
Bender, from Futurama. I’m amazed at the construction – it’s brilliant! And the teeth is a screen!IMG_0611    Astrid, from How to Train your Dragon. There were a surprising number of kids at the con.IMG_0605This Loki crocheted her own horns! (and the rest of her suit for that matter)IMG_0602    This steampunk chick built her own wings! Her whole family was steampunked to the nines and were all as amazing as this girl.IMG_0600    Madam Vastra and Jenny from Doctor Who. My sister and I had this thing going where whenever one of us would leave the table, an awesome Doctor Who Cosplay would go on. IMG_0597    I don’t even know what to say about this guy.  IMG_0590    My sister as the Eleventh Doctor with the Third Doctor.IMG_0589     A Healer and Wizard from Clash of Clans.IMG_0617 One of the few chain maille pieces I saw during the convention. Although there were a few knights wandering around in 30+ pounds of maille.IMG_0616 This lovely lady had to be my favorite of all the cosplayers. She’s Moist Von Lipwig from Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal. Not only is it a character from a book (albeit one that was made into a rather good movie), she knows how to pose in her character and made her costume herself. Makes me wish I could connect with her somehow – that is a person worth knowing. IMG_0612-001People in costume are so much fun to talk to – they’re very open and willing to talk, and often you have that connection of both being into the same games or shows or whatever. And I think at least one person’s costume was the source of a sale over the weekend.
And I think that since this post is so long already, it will have to turn into a two-parter.