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Reworked Watches

There are times when I come back to something I have made, and go ‘what was I thinking?’ At the time, they seemed great, but by now I’ve changed my mind on them.
I was really excited when I found this watch face at the Winkler thrift shop for $3. I love Disney, and while The Lion King isn’t my favorite, the colours are amazing. It sat around for a while, until I needed a watch for camp, and mine was broken.
At that point, I hadn’t figured out how to make leather watch ends, so I made a bracelet style chain. It worked, but didn’t quite suit the watch, and as it had a lobster clasp, it was often a pain to put on.
IMG_1208It’s been lying around for far to long, so I finally switched it out to a more appropriate watch band style strap. Unfortunately, I’m terrible for remembering to take before pictures, and as I took apart the old strap to make the new, I have no record of what it used to look like. Just take my word that this works far better. IMG_1207 This watch was another Winkler thrift store find. It’s got a lovely rainbow face, and I wanted to make a chain that echoed it. This was at the point when I had just started making necklace watches, so I made a full chain of blue, green, yellow and pink. But as the rings didn’t have the same ombre effect, it just didn’t work. IMG_1213
I switched it out for a bracelet style band (which works a lot better on this watch than The Lion King watch, as this one is circular). The colours match the case of the watch, which leaves the ombre face as the focal point. IMG_1209 IMG_1212Now that I’ve reworked these watches, I’m far more satisfied with them than the original design. And it’s neat to see how I’ve progressed.

Pendant/Pocket Watches

The idea for these timepieces came after my watch (copper) had been riding around in my purse long enough for the back not to close properly any more. I still liked it and decided pocket watch so I put a chain on it, as well as a chain across the back to keep it closed. At that point I didn’t have the right size of rings, and when I got them, somehow the design ended up being perfect for a necklace. I’m not sure exactly how I figured it out, but it can be worn as a necklace or on a belt loop using a slipknot (I think that’s the right term). Now I just need a battery.

The copper necklace is not for sale, as the watch is broken, but the blue aluminum necklace is for sale at $40. The watch is from Ardenes, but bought as good as new at an MCC Thrift Shop. It hangs upside-down on the chain, to make it easier to read the time while wearing it. I will be making more pocket watches as I get faces, and will post pictures as I do.

If you are interested in custom ordering one, the price depends on the type of chain, the type of decoration on either side of the watch, and where I get the watch from. If you want to provide your own face, I will gladly work with that.