The Ultimate Craft Show is Tomorrow!

And this is the first time I’ve been to a show where you need to set up the day before. Although it’s a little annoying to do that extra drive out, I have to say, it’s very relaxing to take time setting up. Not to mention wandering around and making friends with the neighbors. I’m getting excited for tomorrow!

I did have a surprise though, when I showed up. I had booked a 5’x10′ and planned for it, not realizing that it was 5′ wide, and 10′ deep! It took a bit of restructuring, but eventually I got something figured out. IMG_1270 IMG_1271The lighting isn’t the greatest, although I’m still far better off than some.  IMG_1272 IMG_1273I’ve added a bulletin board to my display, at least for this time. But at the moment, my bedroom wall looks rather empty.  IMG_1276I can’t wait till tomorrow, and hope to see you there! Come swing by, and don’t forget to enter my contest!

Location: Assiniboia Downs
Date: April 11&12Time: 10-5 (sat), 11-5 (sun)

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